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How does a year on year increase of 19,000% (yes, you didn’t misread, that is nineteen THOUSAND percent) in eCommerce revenue from Google Ads sound? Unrealistic? Check out our ACTUAL screenshot below from one of our eCommerce retail clients in the confectionery industry.
Revenue growth like this is entirely possible when you have a talented, skilled, certified, experienced Google Ads Specialist; and this is EXACTLY what you will get as a client of Karizma Marketing.

The Karizma Marketing Google Ads Difference

Why Karizma Marketing for Google Ads?

The marketing team at Karizma Marketing are experts in the field. Weare talking top level,award-winning, Google Ads Specialists, ones that have been awarded by Google for their expertise (one has been flown by Google three times from Australia to attend Google Partner Summits and to visit Google HQ.

Toccara Karizma, eCommerce innovator, best-in-class marketing strategist and Director of Karizma Marketing, purposely created a Digital Marketing Agency where only the best consultants would work with clients to attain the very best results.

Our work is only as good as our results, and ‘good’ results are simply not good enough. With a client base of many leading 7 and 8 figure plus eCommerce brands, we must create out-of-the-box marketing strategies and campaigns that deliver outstanding results and long term success. It takes proven skills and talent to produce the results our clients deserve, which is why the team at Karizma Marketing are all A-Class Marketing Specialists in their own right.

Toccara Karizma
Director, Karizma Marketing.

The Karizma Marketing ADS SUCCESS FORMULA©

Delivering high ROAS Google Ads results is not something all Google Ads Managers can do well (and believe us, we have seen many who claim they can and don’t deliver). Never has it been more important to have a high level Google Ads Specialist on your marketing team than now. Since the iOS14.5 update, ad retargeting has become much harder, therefore having a skilled manager who can think out of the box is crucial to the success of your campaigns.

This is why, at Karizma Marketing, we have developed our own ADS SUCCESS FORMULA© that actually works.

Using a combination of Psychology, Data and Business Insights, we create campaigns that reach potentials (and existing customers) at every stage of the buying cycle with messaging to encourage a buy-now mentality.
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Increase In revenue August VS July
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Increase In ROAS August VS July
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Increase In ROAS Over 2 Weeks

Our work speaks for itself



Google ADs


Grow your business with the top SEM Agency in America.

As a Premier Google Partner specializing in Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) and Google Shopping, our approach to Google Ads management is hands-on and performance-driven. Typically, we will increase revenue for eCommerce google ad accounts within the first 30 days.  If you need better results with Google Ads, our Google-certified team will review your account—free of charge

We’ve got a proven track record for gaining results; that’s why we want to offer businesses a complimentary Google adwords account audit.

We Take a Smooth Approach from Start to Finish

Combining hands-on management and custom-built success-driven optimizations with transparency we are committed to excellence. We are dedicated to maximizing your profits. So buckle up, we are going to take your sales to the next level. Claim your free consultation today.

Increase Revenue By 200%

Bragging is okay...

Especially when we know the secret ROAS formula that produces high conversion rates to ensure every company we work with has a very high ROAS. Okay, maybe we are bragging a little. The Karizma Marketing google ad specialists are google ad certified and know how to increase ads performance. Research keywords with google keyword planner, among other industry keyword research tools, allow our team to deliver your business high-quality Adwords pay-per-click campaign results.
Our pay per click advertising process is guaranteed to yield results. Keep control of your costs and goals with effective SEM strategies. Paid advertising is an essential part of any company’s growth. See why companies rave about our services.

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After years of hacking the system on this information for my own brands and clients, I am thrilled to be here to help and serve business owners like you, ready to grow and scale their business online.



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