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The Secret to Scaling Your eCommerce Brand? Your Inbox.

You have a successful eCommerce brand, but you know it has massive potential to make even more money. And in an industry rife with competition, you're struggling to fuel year-on-year growth to hit your revenue goals. You're not alone in this battle.

Your email list is growing, but are your conversions? A cluttered inbox is a common battleground for eCommerce brands. The challenge is to cut through the noise, create meaningful engagement, and convert subscribers into paying customers.

Unfortunately, most email marketing companies deliver uninspiring, generic emails that lack personalization and simply get lost in the shuffle. The results? Low open rates, lost revenue, and a frustrated business owner with precious hours and money wasted on ineffective strategies.

Enter Karizma Marketing, your strategic partner and solution to your email marketing woes. As a certified Klaviyo partner with 100% 5-star reviews, we specialize in crafting tailored email marketing strategies that convert subscribers into loyal paying customers.

Our full service email marketing agency has 100% 5-star Google reviews

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      Real Success Stories, Real Growth

      Our email marketing agency has been the critical missing puzzle piece in helping elite eCommerce brands skyrocket their sales. We've successfully amplified revenue, boosted customer engagement, and delivered tangible growth. But don't just take our word for it, check out these impactful success stories from our satisfied clients:

      Elevate sales with our expert eCommerce Email Marketing agency

      You know email marketing is one of the most effective and profitable ways to generate more sales and higher revenue for your eCommerce business. But coming up with the right strategy, branded templates, messaging, promotion calendar, and everything else feels overwhelming.

      That’s where Karizma Marketing comes in!

      Our email marketing agency has has generated millions in revenue for our clients, representing over 40 million customers.

      In fact, our email marketing firm regularly boosts email revenue by over 300% in the first 30 days of services for new eCommerce clients.

      Full Service Email Marketing Agency

      Other email marketing agencies piecemeal together their services, but we provide  full-stack email marketing services. When you work with Karizma marketing, you can rest assured that we will be taking care of all your email marketing needs, including email design services, email marketing strategy, email promotion planning calendars, coding, email copywriting services, and fully transparent reporting so you can focus on other areas of your business.

      We also include SMS marketing to help drive additional conversions and sales for our e-commerce clients through a myriad of lead generation and list building strategies. Other agencies charge thousands of dollars a month to add SMS services to your email marketing package, but we include SMS marketing services for free. 

      Watch the video above to learn all the benefits eCommerce brands get when they use Klaviyo as their email service provider.


      If you don’t yet have Klaviyo and are curious about it, you can test it out for free for up to 250 email and 50 SMS subscribers when you CLICK HERE.

      Our Email Marketing firm is proud to be a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner

      Our email marketing agency is a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner dedicated to helping your eCommerce business increase revenue with conversion-driven email and SMS marketing campaigns.

      Why Klaviyo?

      Klaviyo is the leading email service provider (ESP) for eCommerce brands. But what makes Klaviyo better than other ESPs?

      Klaviyo tracks all your customers’ relevant data and website behaviors, which means we can send more personalized, better targeted, and higher converting emails.

      Klaviyo also uses cutting-edge ai to predict things like customer lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time, and personalized product recommendations.

      This is why most brands see an average 46% increase in revenue when they switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo.

      Most of our clients are generating anywhere from 30-60X ROI using Klaviyo as their email marketing platform, accounting for 30-50% of their online sales.

      We Create High-Converting eCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns

      Harnessing the power of data collection, email marketing automation, email list building strategies, and advanced audience segmentation, our team of experienced email marketing specialists puts together a custom branded email marketing program designed to skyrocket your eCommerce sales while keeping you profitable. We know what works and we’re ready to help you get up and running in record time.

      Boost your eCommerce Sales INSTANTLY

      Hiring an expert email marketing agency is one of the best investments you can make if your Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or eCommerce business doesn’t yet have a solid email marketing strategy in place. When done right, email marketing can instantly boost your revenue, website conversion rates, and return customer rates without spending additional money on paid ads.

      Are you ready to
      increase your e-Commerce sales?

      If the answer is yes and you’re ready to drive more revenue and invest in an expert email marketing agency, we’re here to help. 


        Email Marketing Results

        Before hiring Karizma Marketing for digital marketing services, Coco Moon Hawaii was unable to grow monthly sales past $25,000. With a big heart and even bigger revenue goals, Coco Moon Hawaii hired us to grow their brand online. 

        We first started with Facebook and Instagram ads and within three months Coco Moon Hawaii’s revenue skyrocketed from just $25,000 per month to over 6-figures every month with an 11X ROAS.

        After seeing massive growth on the social media marketing side, Coco Moon Hawaii hired us for Klaviyo email marketing services as well. In just 9 months, we were able to increase sales attributed to email by 712%, order value by 48%, CTR by 24%, and purchase rate by 18%.

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        Overall Sales
        0 %
        Average Order
        Value Increase
        0 %
        Monthly CTR
        0 %
        Placed Order
        Rate increase

        Before hiring Karizma Marketing for digital marketing services, Western Aloha was losing money on their digital marketing efforts. Furthermore, a large part of their business was wholesale, but when the 2020 pandemic hit and eCommerce wholesale orders dried up, Western Aloha quickly pivoted to a full digital marketing strategy.

        And it was the right decision. In just one year of services with Karizma Marketing, Western Aloha’s revenue increased by over 150%, getting them to 7-figures in annual sales for the first time in their business.

        Engaging our email marketing agency to manage their Klaviyo email marketing helped increase emails opened by 334,000, emails clicked by 34,000, and sales attributed to email by over $400,000.

        More Emails Opened
        More Emails Clicked
        More in Revenue

        Ao Organics Hawaii is a leading organic skincare brand. They came to Karizma Marketing for help with their Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as their email marketing.

        In the first 30 days, total online store revenue increased by over 140% and revenue attributed to email marketing increased by over 300%. Ao Organics has also increased their new email subscribers by over 335% month over month since starting email marketing and digital ad services with us.

        We created newly branded, high-converting email templates for Ao Organics and increased the quantity of email campaigns going out each month. We also added six additional email flows to Ao’s email marketing strategy to help generate more revenue on automation without having to spend any more money on ads.

        Karizma Marketing also assisted Ao Organics in putting together a content and promotion plan designed to convert website traffic into email subscribers and email subscribers into purchasers.

        The results? See for yourself…

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        Increase in
        New Subscribers
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        Increase in
        Revenue from Email
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        Increase in
        Total Revenue
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        Increase in
        Opened Emails

        We Have Generated Millions in Revenue for Our Clients

        Our team of email marketing experts will deliver better-performing email marketing campaigns to lift your brand, revenue, and return customer rate. We use a stringent email setup, testing, and optimization process to send the right message to the right audience at the right time, putting more money in your pocket with every email we send.

        On average, Karizma Marketing clients see a 300% increase in email revenue once they start services with our email marketing agency. Once clients start working with us, total online sales attributed to email marketing on average increases from 17% to 51%.

        Investing in a highly experienced, results-driven email marketing agency is one of the best ways to scale your eCommerce business profitably.

        Want to learn more about our email marketing services? If you are making at least $15,000 per month online, we may be a perfect fit. Click below to inquire about our email marketing services.

        Convert Your Customers with
        Custom Branded Email Templates

        Stop using the same old boring email templates! Our email marketing team has sent over a billion emails for over 300 clients, generating millions in revenue. It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about high converting email designs for eCommerce. Put our competitive advantage to use and uplevel your brand (and revenue) through beautiful, custom branded email templates made by our expert design team.

        Our Email Marketing services include

        List Building &
        Data Management

        Our expert email marketing team will build custom signup forms and website popups inside Klaviyo (CRM) with custom flow optimization built into the setup. We leverage Facebook dynamic audiences to build out the best match backlists. Plus, we provide every client with support in up to 30 unique email campaigns per month.

        Personalization &

        Segmenting and personalizing audiences by geographic location, gender, age, and website and purchasing behavior allows us to precisely target your future and current customers with suitable promotional offers. We also identify short, medium, and long-term re-engagement audiences to maximize email revenue.

        Custom Email Template

        Our graphic design team creates beautifully branded email templates custom designed for high conversion. Our team has decades of experience designing and executing email template designs that immediately increase your revenue and brand affinity. We continually optimize your email templates to build the most impactful email campaigns.

        Email Flows on
        SMART Automation

        We have tested and refined the best automation flows to increase e-commerce revenue. We use welcome email for your new customers, which can also significantly increase your conversion for repeat customers. Did you know that seven out of every ten shopping carts are abandoned? Imagine if you could capture even 2% of those customers.

        e-Commerce Email Workflows
        & Campaigns

        Our team builds out email workflows based on the 7-stage customer journey: awareness, engagement, conversion, ascension (upsell, cross-sell), loyalty (renewal, re-purchase), referrals, and lastly, advocacy. Additionally, we provide a technical audit throughout this process to help increase your revenue.

        Email Optimization
        & Reporting

        Continual optimization of your email campaigns and flows yields maximum results. We showcase your results with easy-to-understand reports and transparent metrics. We breakdown the data and review monthly trends, allowing us to effectively plan our future strategy.

        Let Us Fire Up Your Taste Buds With Our Email Marketing Services

        The DIY approach to cooking may work for the average home chef, but when it comes to managing your own email marketing campaigns, you’re leaving a lot of revenue on the (kitchen) table with a DIY approach. And let’s be real…Is your business Home Chef status or Michelin Chef status?

        Our team of email marketing experts will work with you every step of the way to create a custom branded program designed to help your emails stand out in your customers’ crowded inboxes so you can skyrocket your revenue while keeping your profits high and costs low. All this without having to worry about anything technical – we handle that for you! That is the benefit of working with an expert email marketing agency. Click below to get started.

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