Website Audits

Our site audits are totally customized to you.

Website Audits

Our site audits are totally customized

We discuss your needs and deliver a detailed action plan. We NEVER sacrifice quality. It must be there or first-page rankings are not going to happen.

Our site audits are white hat always. We do not cheat as that causes pain and we play to win.

We always prioritize cleaning before expanding. Trust of site and link network is key.

Repair Recommendations

  • Why is your site not ranking?
  • How are you leaking traffic from title tags?
  • Tips for optimizing CSS
  • Using JS the right way for SEO
  • Which broken HTML is breaking your rankings
Traffic Recommendations
  • Competitor gap analysis to find your missing traffic
  • Recover lost traffic from stolen content
  • Strategically consolidate link power with nofollows and redirects
  • Augment theming with image alt text and anchor text
  • World-class siloing guidance from the team that invented it

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After years of hacking the system on this information for my own brands and clients, I am thrilled to be here to help and serve business owners like you, ready to grow and scale their business online.




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Our meticulous system makes sure no stone metric is left unturned.

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